The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first.

Don't Blink is a visual communication company that specializes in creating video and interactive content. Whether it's through traditional devices (TV/computer/mobile) or via experiential methods (projection) we take pride in effectively bringing ideas to life.

We love storytelling and the numerous challenges that arise when you need your content to shine. Don't Blink believes strongly in developing a personal experience with its clients through all stages of the project. During this collaboration process we will get to better understand the means beyond the project resulting in greater longevity to the content created.

With a deep understanding in new age technology, trends and digital outreach, Don't Blink helps their customers engage and interact with their key target audiences.

This website focuses on video creation: creative, production and post production. If you're interested in other visual mediums such as graphic design, interactive or social strategy please inquire.

Additional Work:

  • TBS - Video Projection
  • Greater MSP - Innovation
  • Comcast - Cares Day
  • Polaris - PURE Accessories - Ranger
  • Clearway MN - QuitCash Challenge
  • UnitedHealthcare - Lime Truck
  • 4onthefloor - Workin' Man Zombie
  • Red Bull - Crashed Ice 3D Track
  • Mortenson - Saint Joseph's Hospital
  • White Light Riot - Atomism
  • Coke Zero/NCAA - Video Projection
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - Do.Town
  • Del Monte - Beach Bash Dash
  • League of Woman Voters - Voter ID
  • Nate's Word of the Day
  • International School of Minnesota
  • Greater MSP - Culture
  • Elevation - Razoreyes

Social Media:

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